Wet Daisy

So today I decided to finally test out my newest “old” lens, the sublime Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E. These two shots were taken with it reversed on my camera, and even then the sharpness and detail is astonishing to say the least! I will post a shot of the same flower taken with the lens mounted normally after this post, so you can do the comparison for yourself. 🙂

Let me know which photo gets your blood flowing? Does the colour version get you all giddy? Or do you prefer the more subdued tones in the black and white version??

Wet Daisy colour

DSC_0404 edit bw resize


2 thoughts on “Wet Daisy

    • What I mean by reversed is that I mount the lens back to front on my camera, which then magnifies what the lens see’s to enable you to do macro photography without the need for a very expensive macro lens. This is an old film lens yes, that is compatible with my D5100 as Nikon is still using their F-mount system after all these years. Keep an eye out for my next post in the next couple of minutes, the one I mentioned above, to see what this lens is capable of when mounted normally.

      Hope that answers your questions? 🙂

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