A change is as good as a holiday, they say…

Since I started this blog in November of last year, I began to grow tired of the theme that I had initially chosen to “showcase” my images. Last week I changed to a different theme, but it just did not do what I wanted it to do for me. While I was pondering whether I should pony up for a premium theme or not, a fellow blogger, Richard Haas of PhotoTexas, commented on one of my new black and white photos of a dragster that I posted last week, saying I should go and check out his blog for the automotive images he has taken. When I saw how great his blog looked, I went and checked what theme he was using and luckily for me, it was one that did not cost a dime! Thanks Richard! 😀

Those of you who have been following my blog will also notice that I am adding extra tabs to my main menu in an effort to make it more hands on and informative, and to perhaps even create something that you would want to share with your photography buddies.  You will also be able to see how the blog has changed with the new layout compared to the original one, and I would love to hear what you think of the change!

To those who have newly discovered my site, I do hope you will enjoy what is already here to see, and that you will also consider following me on my photographic journey right here!

Cheers for now,

Jared van Bergen


Photo Quote of the Day

Courtesy of: SnapKnot

Rejoining the Race

Managed to capture exactly what I had in my minds eye when I saw the red and black Porsche coming out of the pits…

DSC_0228 edit 2

Sometimes things go wrong…

This particular Ford Escort was looking very lonely sitting on the side of the staging area of the dragstrip…

DSC_0357 edit 2

… because this happened only a few minutes earlier when the driver launched the car pretty hard off the line!

DSC_0348 edit 2

Ford Escort Burnout

Love this shot of a little Ford Escort dragster that has huge rear slicks and a massive V8 under the bonnet totally decimating it’s rear tyres…

DSC_0341 edit 2